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There was a boy who was very simple and down to earth; born in a village, very ambitious and at the same time helping in nature. He always felt he had a different approach towards life than his peers and did not want to do the traditional work like his father in the farm. He wanted to do something big, so he deciding to study more and learn more. He went to the city for his studies with the sole intention of achieving something in life, to change their lifestyle and make a better life for his family. He believed, this was his first step to reach his dream of becoming rich.

He worked hard day and night with undying focus and successfully completed his studies with distinction. He returned to his village with a good job and made his parents very proud. He got a very good job and he took his parents also to the city and took care of them. But since he was a completely different person from others, he quit his job after 3 years and started his own business and made his only ultimate dream of standing on his own feet come true.

As the business grew, he improved the society around him, gave jobs to a lot of unemployed people and also improved the village from where he was from in terms of electricity, sanitary and water facilities. Everyone was happy with him and had high hopes on him and he grew up to be a respectable man bringing in changes. He preached his motto, “The only way to do something big is by working hard sincerely, staying focused and by helping others along the way in any way possible.”

The above article was inspired from the experience when I attended my Defense training. We were asked to write happy stories with happy endings. It makes you feel good, motivated and puts a smile on the face. That’s what I believe it did to you too. Good Day.