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We are a team of web-surfing, facebook-ing, #tweeting, pinning geeks who find perfect bliss on our screen monitors. We dedicate time each day to put forth our best effort for digital marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM and web designing. Creating websites is our genre and there comes our helpful tools when composed perfectly gets you on top of Google’s list.

We know what’s hot, trending and cool. Making neat structured websites and feeding the hungry site with loads of tools and strategies gives you the best outcome. We update you through every process, and make you understand this whole charade. Find us, let’s create and take you on our online space mountain and jump start to Mars!

Website design & development

Website design needs to be both functional and exceptional. It needs to be both strategically sound and transcendently magical. At Design Studio we are passionate about striking that delicate balance. We analyze the market. We learn the target. We think about desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Then when all that is done, we deliver you a website that is SEO-friendly with smooth interface. But more than that, we create a website that exudes your brand essence.

If you’re wondering why you need a website:

  • It never sleeps
  • Your competitor has one
  • Customers can just “Google” you
  • Increase in sales
  • They are global

Viral Videos

The world is moving in a fast paced eye-catching graphically enhanced speed. We need to keep up to it, and we have. Being different is our mantra and no doubt our videos are too. We keep our keen creating and editing eyes on your brand image and do our best to make it pop on the platform. Our videos are of finesse that will get you a higher ROI. Let’s make one for you!

A successful viral video is one that begs to be shared again and again. As opposed to traditional "paid media" buys like TV and radio where once you stop paying the spot stops playing, viral and social media marketing are often referred to as "earned media," in that content remains on the web for a long time, at no additional cost and continues to be shared even after the initial campaign push is over. Getting lots of views is easy but how accurately your video is focused to reach your target demographic, how far that video spreads and how well your message resonates depend on either careful planning or Design Studio.


Don’t have time for tweeting anymore? Or go on to that addictive web page – The Facebook? No worries. Design Studio loves spending time with our friends – Facebook and Twitter. We update blogs! We have our minions typing away extraordinary content marketing SEO friendly blogs that sky rockets on an organic search. Let us help you be visible and increase your brand search by handling your social media accounts. Of course, if you don’t have one, let’s make one for you. Because, everyone knows – no social media is a social suicide. Don’t be that!

Customer service is evolving to match the rapid growth and development of new communication media, and today’s most popular social media platforms are the perfect opportunity to capitalize on that trend. Reasons why you need SMM:

  • Better Communication
  • Let your customers experience personal brand experience
  • Follow-up is easy

That’s all you need.


Want to increase your visibility on Google? Get your content in line. Write SEO friendly content that delivers your message loud and clear. Categorize your online marketing strategies and carry your content suitably. Well, don’t worry – this is our domain. Write on! And remember, Content is always the King.

A lot of time can be sent profiling your customers and determining what content you should create and where you should place it, but with search you hit all of your customers all of the time. Reasons why you need SEO:

  • Greater Ranking
  • Increase traffic & conversions
  • Cost effective
  • Reach targeted audience


Did you know you can supercharge your website by paying Google for ads? We can do this by PPC (pay per click) and a very well-thought optimized search engine marketing strategy. Smart campaigns and keywords with ad words come together to give you the greatest ROI. Design Studio has a set of computer geeks searching, clicking, rewriting, changing, creating, deleting and making you money. Talk to them here.

Search engine marketing is simply buying advertising for your business from Google or another search engine company. Their computers then cleverly merge your ads with search results only when users search words imply an interest in your products. With SEM, the goal is for the search user to not only see your ad, but to click on it to get to your website.

E-mail Marketing

Information-loaded gold mine of your achievement laid on an interestingly created eccentric design coupled with a CTA (call to action) is made and sent out as a reminder to our contacts, which is, guiltily a humongous database. The technique for a successful EDM is, when, how and what; which we have done in the past with amazing response. Knock on their mail door and lie in the inbox waiting for them to call you!

An effective type of online marketing that will, pro-actively send information to prospects; an email can provide trust worthy content that will help you build relationships. And lastly, it serves as a more personal medium than the web.


With good creatives comes great responsibilities. We bear it for you.


Your brand needs a working manual, or an innovative shot of marketing steroid. We do that.

Event Management

It’s all about who was the show stopper. It must be you, we can make that happen.

Inverted Commas | Design Studio

Exclusive blogging space that covers a wide range of topics from the obvious animalistic instinct of hunger to the most sophisticated understanding of subconscious mind; the greatest brands that lived and died to the market that we work in.

Happy client meter is always on the higher side!

All departments of Design Studio personally work with our client to understand their requirement and deliver as expected.



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