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This is the question that I have been frequently asked by friends and relatives when I encounter them at any social gatherings.

It is quite a difficult question to answer, because nothing much has changed in my life and I thought it was time to reflect on this popularized question.

At the end of a week’s grilling analysis, I believe, nothing much changed except for ‘I’ became ‘We’ and the rest is all the same. My family has accepted my better half and also my friends think she’s as crazy as I am to hang out with. My Gal friends are closer to her than I was and relatives give her all the attention that is required. This reduced the burden on me to play the husbands role in the most responsible way.

On a lighter note, I have started using expensive toiletries which my wife uses and sometimes I think of the future. I have a definite laughter for my stupid jokes and someone to shout at me when I leave my wet towel on the bed. I have also honed my skills to be a better cook and also playing a role of a ‘hot and sexy maid’ while doing the household chores.

All in all, it has been a fantastic one year of marriage life without me changing much and I hope and wish my answer remains the same for “how’s married life?”