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My father always said, “Eating is an art. Learn to appreciate, let your palette dance to the tunes of the flavors.” Needless to say, I eat – I art.

I’m not good with the whole – rush lunch or quick lunch. I savor. I art. Comfortably, at Design Studio eating is a ritual and I tear up at their dedication to food. Finally, it’s not just me, but, we art at Design Studio.

As you enter Design Studio, you get a gust of all the locked up creativity rushing out and also chicken delicacies. We eat a lot, and on time. After I joined here, I have been eating food on time and in large quantities, which usually I don’t. And mind you I am a size 14! Eating a lot is not on my plate, but what can I do!

Ordering breakfast and lunch is a thorough well-thought process for us. We go through quite a few menus around the area, evaluate the ones we have tasted and one’s we haven’t. Then, get the list down to favorite five; after that we just slash those five things and order the first random thing. Mostly because of the office boy who gets squirmy after 10 min of this debate and also colleagues who just want this to get over! In our own way, this process helps us to think outside the box and marketing ideas just flash in our messy minds.

Lunch is a different thing altogether. We start thinking of lunch by 12 and take a solid 30 minutes to decide. Here, it’s a group decision and everyone is confused and going through their various palettes in the memory. Lunch is a ceremonial event where we sit, talk, bash ideas, trash some and create more.

We sit back by 2 to work again, and then come the overeating stomach pain. Frankly it’s a drag! Resenting the nasty-tasty food, we order green tea to replenish, which is wonderful! Then back to work, funny videos and ads. That’s our normal day. I think we are simpletons with a bad hunger pang every 2 hours.