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Wow Mom… just today?

With Mother’s Day right around the corner and I was asked to write an article about “How special a mother is” and it got me thinking.

My mother does the same thing she has been doing the whole year round even on Mother’s Day. She tells me to be careful, reach work safe and have a good day every morning. She texts me at noon to ask if I ate. She pings me to check if I have left from work it’s getting dark and to reach back safe.

After a tiring day at work for her too, the first thing she asks me when I am home is do I want coffee to drink and how my day was. She cooks and cleans, and tidies up the whole house; goes to bed kissing a good night so subtly. On the bed, she lets sly but small sigh thinking what to cook the next day and how early she should be up so I will not march into a new day with an empty stomach.

All our moms do this every day. So why we just dedicate one day in a year to make her feel special? I feel, every day should be her day and your day.

Make her feel special every day by helping her in chores, making her smile by taking her out for a spa day, help her in making dinner, spend few evenings with her; pick up a shovel and go gardening with her Sunday morning, make her breakfast in bed on any random day, share laughs, smiles and hug her a lot.

Like this, every day is mother’s day, because if it’s someone who deserve to feel special every day; it’s our mothers.