Website Launch of Design Studio

An intro to the new "Drama Queen" and our website.

Drama QueenLJH Design Studio
LJH Design Studio

So, I am the newest member in this team and let’s call me Newest Drama Geek. Less than a month ago was my first day here and a speedy rapport with my team was entrenched. Design Studio is a team tangled together like a drunken spider’s web. We work to create experiences to the clients and are portrayed on 30x40 feet mid-air hoarding or brochures and even on the immeasurable social platform. In reality, with all that, the team has drama for me, nerdy PR, confused SMM, double-meaning designer and a silent one – we don’t see him most of the time. A creepy smiler for BD, Never-say-no web developer, sullen production guy and head of the department is something like the mad hatter.

On any casual day where confusion, disappointment and euphoric moment jell into one big ball of chaos on the outside, inside the Design Studio cabin we listen to 70’s Kannada songs and let our work speak for us. After lunch, on a very auspicious day we launched our website. “Hey, why don’t you check it out –,” said I, with the most amazing sense of achievement!

Of course, we celebrated it with the yummiest honey cake from the nearby baker!