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Somebody once told me that modern civilisation is flying high and fast depending on just two factors - money and religion. When I thought of it I could not refuse the naked truth, instead I added lust to it.

Yes, these days all I witness is people are thinking of earning money. If you ask them why they want money so desperately, the answer is, survival. And the survival they talk about is luxury and not happiness. This luxury comes with comparing each other’s social status. People who eat lavishly, three to four times a day and roam around with branded dress crave for more money not only to sustain the expenditure but to stand a level higher than their peers. Whereas, people who struggle for one meal a day and dress will save to become richer. The need of every status of man comes in comparison to the one above him.

Sadly, it goes the same to religions as well. I feel most of the temples, mosque, church have become a market place. Where they sell the same religion god and its products. Funniest part in this is, in the market, sellers whom we call “gurus or priests” who come and give darshanas and ashirvadas are now online. All those holy books has converted and explained according to the perception of the one who explains it. The worst part of it is people tend to use religions for personal quarrels or for political earnings.

Personally, I have always wondered how our lives would be without money!!!?? Or how did people live when they had barter system?

I hope at least the gods have a peaceful place to sit. I have always thought what can replace money? If humanity can replace this money, how would it be? I remember “Siva trilogy, which says “sustaining of life is the balance of good and bad, things which were once good will become bad and, there will be a time to remove that with something new and good.

I think money was the good thing which time brought to us and as time went by money has become bad. So bad that people want it just to show others they have riches, not to modestly sustain their needs