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Women’s day falling on March 8th is really another pretentious celebratory act for hypocrites who agree women are meant for cooking and cleaning and fulfilling sexual urges.

There is no empowerment act happening in 24 hours, no initiations that will be taken and continued through from or on this day. All we do is, wish the women folk, and give a flower and some sweets to make us feel special just because people notice you are a fully grown woman. Air India announces all women crew, Modi brings out ‘Naari Shakti’ guns, Newspapers releases special editions on successful women and Government announces female fighter by June. All this happens on Women’s Day. Is it PR? Is it not….

Come to me when you say, this women’s day, we will bring back thousands of dead rape victims or abused victims; if not, this phony, good-for-nothing day is not doing any good to any women we know. Maybe it’s time to stop wasting days on women, father, mother, Valentine, sister and so on, but actually respect, love and appreciate them every single day. Period.

Personally, I think we don’t need a day to be reminded, women are awesome.