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Did you just attend a great party and wondered why yours didn’t have the huge stage with pretty backdrops, or the chocolate fountain and the bright lights all mile long? Or even, why everyone did not get a seat, food was less or bad? It is always a scare to execute large scale projects, especially when it’s important to you.

Design Studio team comes from an event management background and has a wide knowledge about its execution, management and most importantly client requirement.

We do Corporate Events, Conferences, Seminars, Team Building Events, Trade Shows and Fairs. Cultural Events, VIP Events, Award Ceremonies; Press Conferences, Product Launches, Theme Parties; Weddings, Family Events, Anniversaries, Birthdays; Exhibitions, Mall Events, F&B Events, Pre-Launches. Basically anything involving crowd and organizing. We are not boasting, we have done that and are good at it.

Client Requirement

If you require our services, we visit you, sit with you and understand the background, importance of your event. We feel the passion and vibe of the event to be executed. It’s the first meet that gives you the confidence, you chose the right people. So, meet us. We know we are it. You should too.

When we plan an event, we think it's important to be imaginative. Events and conferences can be educational, with public speakers and classes; or fun, such as an outdoor cookout for customers, suppliers, and employees. End of the day, we help you achieve what you started off with.


In any size events, first mantra is to keep the client informed. Be it a new kind of carpets or different design chairs. We understand it is your event and it should showcase your taste and likings. Strategizing events focuses on how it can be done in your budget and where everything should be kept, stood, sat, slept and ate. Once we have an outline, the work seems easy. And this is our biggest plus point. We create solutions.

Well-organized events can strengthen your brand and build loyalty, increase sales, and generate referrals. They also give you the opportunity to connect personally with customers or suppliers, and build community awareness.


After strategizing, we give you a clear cut plan which will be our road map till the show ends. Design Studio diligently sticks to the planning to get the job done swiftly. No jarring obstructions arise that we cannot manage.

Events can also help you network with customers or industry experts, work on your own professional development, and share ideas; plus, the unplanned connections you make can lead to innovation, opportunities, and important partnerships.


Design Studio works in the given time frame with swift and agile character, which makes it a seamless process to you. We are ready to work at any required time to get the job done. Once the strategy is set and planning is done, processing will be in full force. We source in different vendors, manpower and materials to give you what we have promised.

Making the plan work would be an even bigger challenge than creating the plan. The process between planning and execution is the process. In the process, we keep in mind, the culture of the organization and how it is appropriate for the challenges ahead. The challenges inherent in managing change as the division adapted to new competitive conditions.

Recce of the Venue

A lot of planning goes into how it has to look and where. But space management is a very delicate thing that can make it or break it for your event. With us, remember, we handle the A-Z including sizing the venue, space management and placement and execution.

There are so many recce essentials; it's easy to forget what you should be looking for. Often on the recce you have a million and one things running through your head, the client has questions, the venue have questions and everything is directed at you. With a full head it's often a good idea to have a check list, it is for us anyway.

Vendor Management

There are so many elements involved in building a successful event. The invites, tables, chairs, curtains, flowers, stationeries, backdrop, stage set up, rods, water, food, plates, pins, badges, tags and many more. We coordinate with each vendor without hassle. We have had a long healthy relationship with them.

Vendor relationships are critical to the success of your event. One of the first challenges in the vendor management process is identifying all your vendors. Each department may have a fairly good idea of the vendors it uses, but even a thorough interrogation of each department will likely miss a service provider (or several), and sometimes the small ones are the most dangerous. That's when we hop in to manage.


Design Studio prides in supplying your desired product of utmost quality. Quality is a no compromise area to us and it’s our mission as event managers, is to give you the best.

As we know, execution is central to success, and we approach it in a disciplined way. There are formidable roadblocks or hurdles that get in the way of the execution process and seriously injure the implementation of strategy. The road to successful execution is full of potholes that must be negotiated for execution success. This was the message two decades ago, and it still is true today. We identify the problems or hurdles affecting implementation. Then focus on confronting the obstacles and solving the problems efficiently.

Crisis Management

While working in perfect relations with clients, crisis is avoidable. Tragedy strikes, what’s next? Our crisis prevention committee with input from managers in each major department will further help formulate a valid risk assessment. Taken with a sound avoidance analysis, we have experienced professionals to revert the query with qualifying precision and our secret book of crisis management. Don’t you worry!

Too often, organizations are caught dealing with major issues in real time. This leads to miscommunication, lost opportunities and poor brand implications. By identifying upfront the many potential risks your organization faces, you will be able to develop one plan of action that will cover multiple types of crisis. A simple outline of next steps prior to a major event can save an organization from costly confusion and gets things back to normal quickly.

Crowd Management

It means providing a safe and organized setting for patrons entering your venue. This is of paramount importance when you open the doors to your event. We’ve created this plan to guide venue owners with the basics of gate control and crowd management. The suggestions are based on common sense, research, and our experience working with venues like yours.

We consider crowd management into account all the elements of an event especially the type of event, characteristics of the facility, size and demeanor of the crowd, methods of entrance, communications, crowd control, and queuing. As in all management, it must include planning, organizing, staffing, directing and evaluating. Particularly critical to crowd management is defining the roles of parties involved in an event, the quality of the advance intelligence, and the effectiveness of the planning process.

Plan B, C, D

Why just Plan B. Let’s have a C and a D. It is better to be safe than sorry. Last minute changes to be done? There is an emergency which rolls over your original plan? We have genius replacements for them. Without an alternative, Design Studio will not accept a project. You want to do it more than one way – we are the ones who will.

We have experienced. Something will be late, something won’t arrive at all, and something will most certainly go very, very wrong. Here, we anticipate which aspects will more significantly affect your event and create backup plans for each beforehand.


Down to a tailored web page and a social media presence, we carry all the weight on our shoulders. That’s who you need.


Your brand needs a working manual, or an innovative shot of marketing steroid. We do that.


With good creatives comes great responsibilities. We bear it for you.

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Happy client meter is always on the higher side!

All departments of Design Studio personally work with our client to understand their requirement and deliver as expected.



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